Sunday's "Are Better Than Others" Japanese Whisky -
Sunday’s Are Better Than Others Japanese Whisky

Sunday’s Are Better Than Others Japanese Whisky


Sunday’s Whisky is led by an award-winning team of restaurateurs, bartenders, and self-proclaimed Japanophiles who have made a name for themselves with some of the most popular restaurant concepts in Hong Kong. The team sought to create a whisky they wanted to use behind the bar that consumers would demand and continue drinking at home that satisfied after a long, hard day.

Sunday’s Whisky is crafted in small batches and made from world grain spirits that is distilled twice. The grain runs through a continuous still and is barrel aged 3-9 years at cask strength resulting in a more round, viscous mouth feel with soft, slightly sweet undertones. The result is a mellow whisky that doesn’t dilute in cocktails or on the rocks and is perfect for highball cocktails.

Sundays are better than others is a play on the saying, “some days are better than others,” that is lighthearted and represents Sunday as a day of leisure. It’s the only day off in the hospitality industry and fondly a day for family and friends to drink, eat, exhale, party, and relax.

We collaborated with Sasanokawa Shuzo on the exact “recipe” of Sunday’s Whisky. Barrel-aged malt and grain spirits from around the world are selected and subsequently mixed with Japanese Whisky and blended with the purest Japanese water.

Japan elevates everything to an art form. The same can be said for the Japanese highball and Sunday’s Whisky was made with a highball in mind as it doesn’t dilute on the rocks or in cocktails. A subtle, underlying sweetness and citrus aroma of Sunday’s combined with the salty edge of a hard, mineral soda water creates a more balanced highball than other whisky and soda combinations.


Chamomile, White Pepper, Dairy Milk.


Cocoa Nib Shochu, Chili Flake, Osmanthus Water.


Teasing, Clean, Eucalyptus.

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