Stranahan's Sherry Cask Single Malt Whisky -
Stranahan’s Sherry Cask Single Malt Whisky

Stranahan’s Sherry Cask Single Malt Whisky


Stranahan’s Sherry Cask is an American single malt whiskey that is aged for four years in new white American oak barrels, then cask-finished in Spanish Oloroso Sherry barrels. Procured from the Andalusia region of southern Spain, these sherry barrels have been aging wine for over 40 years, leaving a depth of flavor soaked into the ancient oak staves. Under the helm of Master Distiller Rob Dietrich, Stranahan’s is continually experimenting with new expressions of American Single Malt & unique cask finishes.

Released November 2017, this is Stranahan’s Sherry Cask bottling is the fourth whiskey released from Stranahan’s following their standard American Single Malt, Diamond Peak, and Snowflake expressions. It consists of 100% malted barley aged for four years in new, charred American oak. The American single malt whiskey finishes its maturation in former oloroso sherry barrels. Bottled at 47% ABV.

Stranahan’s Sherry Cask takes signature Stranahan’s Four Year Rocky Mountain Single Malt and finishes it in Oloroso Sherry barrels from Spain. The result is a rich and complex whiskey perfect for sipping.

The liquid pours into glass a brilliant burgundy hue. On the nose are notes of stone fruit. Cherry, apricot and plum lead the charge. These initial aromas open up to the air, allowing a slow reveal of vanilla and oak. It greets the tongue with a warming, leathery spice. By the time it meets back palate, though, it’s all decadence: candied pecans, toffee, and a touch of raisin. The influence of the sherry lingers long into the finish, where an oily nuttiness persists. Denver, meet your new dessert dram.

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