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Stolichnaya Strasberi Vodka 750ml
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Stolichnaya Strasberi Vodka 750ml


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Stolichnaya Strasberi premium Vodka starts with an intense flavor of strawberries and cream with nuts and hints at a lite pepper finish. Each sip you take will give you the refreshing feeling of being in Strawberry Fields. It is sure to leave your taste buds in a swirl of Summer and Spring during any time of the year.

Made by infusing natural strawberry essence in Stolichnaya vodka. Sold in North America at 35% alc./vol. but this European version was raised to 37.5% alc./vol. due to contravening EU spirit definitions. Stoli strasberi starts with an intense nose of strawberry jam with cream nuts and floral notes in the background. The palate is full and round with soft fresh berry subtly sweet but never cloying. It hints at strawberry leaves and a light pepper on the finish. 35% abv 70 proof

alc./vol: 37.5%

Proof: 75°

Brand: Stolichnaya
Varietal/Type: Vodka

Vintage: Non-vintage

Aged: Unaged

Product of: Latvia

Tasting Notes Of Stolichnaya Strasberi Vodka


Crystal clear.


Pungent, overripe strawberries, strawberry jelly and faint peppery spice.


Slightly sweet, perfumed fresh ripe strawberries, strawberry mivvi ice-cream and strawberry jelly with cracked black pepper.


Prickly cracked black pepper with stewed fruits of the forest.


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