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Stillhouse Original Whiskey

Stillhouse Original Whiskey


Stillhouse Original Whiskey is a 100% corn whiskey that is unaged and clear. It’s sourced from undisclosed distilleries in Virginia and Kentucky and marketed as a premium white whiskey. Stillhouse Spirits Company focuses on the fact that it is made with estate-grown corn and is sold in a 100% stainless steel container. The company promotes this 100% stainless steel container as being unbreakable, able to be chilled quickly, and recyclable. The container being reviewed is from Make OG, Batch C014, and Item 6751.

Stillhouse Original Whiskey is made entirely from corn and filtered through charcoal. A classic example of American moonshine. Stillhouse is made from 100% Corn Whiskey (80 Proof). It’s all natural, handcrafted, and copper pot distilled. Stillhouse is made from a proprietary recipe, and distilling it five times for superior flavor and purity.

Stillhouse is crafted using a proprietary all-natural recipe and estate-grown corn. It’s distilled to perfection in a traditional copper pot whiskey still and charcoal filtered for superior quality and taste, allowing the natural sweetness of the corn to shine through. A remarkably mellow flavor and smooth finish makes this clear corn whiskey a truly versatile spirit.


Young oily corn is instantly noticeable. This is combined with a touch of ethanol. If you’re wondering if there’s any more depth to the nose than corn and ethanol, wonder no more, because there isn’t.


Thin sweet corn and ethanol are instantly noticeable and also stay noticeable. As was found in the nose, these are the only flavors present in the palate too. It’s not a horrid sip that you’ll want to spit out, but it leaves a ton to be desired too.


The sip ends on an instantaneous dash of corn that is followed by a lingering amount of heat.

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