Starlight Distillery Single Barrel Hubers Rickhouse Select Indiana Straight Bourbon Whiskey 750ml


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Starlight distillery is located in Starlight, Indiana which is about 20 minutes north of Louisville, KY. All of their offerings are made using the sweet mash technique, and all of the barrels they use are air dried for a minimum of 2 years with some air dried up to 4 years. The distillery prides itself on being family owned and truly providing a farm to bottle experience. All of the whiskey is Starlight distillate distilled in pot stills and aged on the property. Starlight Distillery Carl T. Huber’s Indiana Straight Bourbon Whiskey is 92 proof, made in small batches of around 20 barrels, costs around $35, and is comprised of two mashbills that can be further broken down since the distillery used 4 varieties of corn (yellow dent, blue Hopi, Lancaster white, and Bloody Butcher). The 1st mash bill is 60% corn, 20% rye, and 20% malted barley while the 2nd mashbill is 51% corn, 20% rye, 20% malted barley, and and 9% wheat. The history of the distillery is very unique and runs 8 generations deep. The current distilling is conducted by Ted and his sons Christian and Blake. The distillery is also unique in that it sits on the same property as Huber Winery which is also owned by the family and offers activities for adults and children alike.




The nose is light and floral with notes of vanilla, fresh fruit, cinnamon, corn, and a touch of rye spice.


The palate has a very traditional note that I associate with pot stills as well as notes of vanilla, fresh fruit, and rye spice that carry over from the nose. This bourbon is a low to medium viscosity.


This bourbon has a short to medium finish and has the pot still, vanilla, and cinnamon notes that were present on the palate.

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Category Bourbon Whiskey
Region United States, Bourbon Whiskey
Brand Starlight
Alcohol/vol 59%