Seco Herrerano Rum 750ml

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Seco Herrerano Rum, Recognized S The National Spirit Of Panama, Is Proudly Produced By Varela Hermanos, S.A. Distilled From 100% Sugar Cane Juice Through A Four Column Process And Then Charcoal Filtered, It Results In A Distinctly Smooth, Neutral Spirit.

Seco Herrerano Rum is considered the national alcoholic beverage of Panama. Triple distilled from sugarcane, it is traditionally used straight or in mixed drinks as a replacement for rum or vodka.

It is a clear liquor that is sold at eighty proof Seco Herrerano is the most popular brand of Seco, brewed by the same family who invented Seco in Panama in 1908. In Panama, seco is often sold packaged together with a mixer.

Seco Herrerano, recognized as the national spirit of Panama, is proudly produced by Varela Hermanos SA. Distilled from 100% sugar cane juice through a four-column process and charcoal filtered, it results in a distinctly smooth, neutral spirit. The raw material, sugarcane, is grown in the valley of Pesé in the province of Herrera, hence its name: Herrerano.

In the production process of Seco Herrerano, Varela Hermanos utilizes sugarcane that has been grown in the Pesé Valley in the Republic of Panama, a location that counts with the optimal climatic conditions for the cultivation of sugarcane, that after reaching complete ripeness is processed until an exquisite juice is obtained, which is fermented by the action of specific yeasts selected to produce excellent quality alcohol that is extra neutral.

Testing notes:

Rather neutral aromas of powdered milk, banana bread, and coconut with a soft, off-dry medium body and a very clean, vanilla cream and powdered sugar accented finish. A great, highly refined aguardiente that tastes like a very fine white rum.

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