Savage & Cooke Second Glance American Whiskey -
Savage & Cooke Second Glance American Whiskey

Savage & Cooke Second Glance American Whiskey


Savage & Cooke Second Glance is the spirits project of Napa Valley winemaker Dave Phinney who founded Orin Swift and other successful wine brands. The distillery is located in Mare Island, which is a former U.S. Navy base near Vallejo, Calif., and produces Bourbon, whiskey, and rye as well as experimental lots. The Burning Chair is Savage & Cooke Second Glance based on a mash bill of 75% corn, 21% rye, and 4% malted barley, and described by the distillery as: “Aromatically intriguing with brown sugar, caramel, butterscotch, and toasty oak. The palate is smooth and lush with loads of vanilla bean, baking spices, maple, and baked apples. The finish is long and exciting, begging for another sip.”

That network came through, as this bottle was brought across the Atlantic in a similar fashion alongside my recent review of the Old Overholt Bonded Straight Rye Whiskey. My thanks once again, and a nod to the lengths we go here to bring you these reviews. Needless to say, this isn’t available outside of North America, but at MALT, we don’t respect geographical limitations. Even as a kid, I was importing video games and playing NTSC videotapes, showing disrespect for any regional impositions. As a result, when it comes to alcohol, it’s become second nature.


toasty with loads of caramel, orange, Demerara sugar, and aromatic bitters; nutty, some almond tones and vanilla with some earthy leather, tannins, and wine-y tones.


rich, sweet, and layered; the almond-nutty tones, honeyed oak, and vanilla balance nicely with soft leather, dried dark fruits and Demerara; peppery spices, and black licorice.


creamy, fruity, and spicy; good length and weight.

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