Santa Teresa 1796 Rum Ron Antiguo De Solera Venezuela -
Santa Teresa 1796 Rum Ron Antiguo De Solera Venezuela 750ml
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Santa Teresa 1796 Rum Ron Antiguo De Solera Venezuela 750ml


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Santa Teresa 1796 Rum is a superb single estate Venezuelan rum, This rum is made using the solera method (used more famously in the production of Spanish sherry). The rums in the blend are aged for between five and 35 years, resulting in a smooth, dry and balanced spirit that is perfect for sipping or serving in an Old Fashioned.

This rum is the end result of a staggered barrel-aging process by which a fraction of a cask is transferred successively to the next. It undergoes aging in a total of four separate casks and results in a gorgeous reddish hue in the rum. The taste consists of strong dark cherry and raisin notes, and opens up with time in your glass.

Santa Teresa is a family business that can be proud of a more than 200-year history. In 1796 the Count of Tovar y Blanco was given land by the King of Spain and here he built the Santa Teresa Hacienda. About 100 years later the new owner of the property Gustav Vollmer Ribas began to produce Rum and the Santa Teresa 1796 Rum was created in 2006 to celebrate the 200th year anniversary of the hacienda.

Tasting Notes Of Santa Teresa 1796 Rum


Caramel sweetness, toffee brittle, pepper. Cooked apple, foam banana sweets.


Vanilla and rich notes of butterscotch, molasses and chocolate. More of those banana sweet notes. Hints of Calvados, surprisingly…


Long, fruity finish with caramel and nuts.

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