Rubinov Vinjak VS 1L -
Rubinov Vinjak Vs 1L
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Rubinov Vinjak Vs 1L


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Production of Rubinov Vinjak vs is grounded upon the experience and standards for the drinks of top quality of cognac type. It is the result of industrious work and the desire of our experts to make vinjak of a unique aroma and recognizable taste out of high-quality distillates aging in oak barrels.

The aging period in oak barrels is a minimum of two years to create a characteristic bouquet and a specific character of vinjak.

Amber yellow color of vinjak vs with spicy tones in smell and mildly distinguished character of vanilla created during the aging of distillate in oak barrels give a specific character to Rubin’s most famous product. Its durability has been testified by long-lasting at home and foreign markets.

It is traditionally consumed as an aperitif and a digestive at ambient temperature. It often consumed as an ingredient of imaginative cocktails and it follows all kinds of coffee.

The Serbian Rubinov Vinjak in the region Krusevac with old wine-making traditions, known since the Roman epoch. Here they produce the best Serbian wines, also a spirit drink called for a long time “Cognac”. Thus after the protection of French producers called “Vinjak”. The most famous sort is “Rubin”, a dry drink of brown color. Vinjak VS is consumed as an aperitif during eating.


Color brandy – straw.


Taste of brandy elegant, fruity, with hints of plum, oak nuances, and a pleasant aftertaste.


Bouquet of brandy fruit, mild, with hints of plum and vanilla.


Brandy supplied with salads and cold cuts, and as a digestive.

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