Royal Elite Supreme Luxury 8X Distilled Vodka 750 Ml

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Royal Elite Supreme Luxury 8X Distilled Vodka

Purple is the color of royalty and so it is fitting Royal Elite Supreme Luxury has chosen purple to signify this astounding accomplishment in the making of vodka. Starting with Uzbekistan’s fabled healing waters and renowned organic golden wheat. Master distiller Nuruddin Salakhov has created a recipe deserving to be considered both royal an elite.

Distilled eight times, Royal Elite Supreme Luxury Purple Label “Supreme Vodka” is considered on of the highest quality vodkas available on the market today. With its clean and elegant finish, it’s not just a vodka. It’s The World’s Greatest Vodka.

Eight times distilled from wheat and the fabled healing waters of Uzbekistan, exhibits a nose of plum candy and lilac. Floral and sweet oats, cocoa and white pepper meld together with finesse. This item is available for Gift Wrap.

Steel and mineral notes set this vodka apart, while the palate is soft and slightly viscous, with pronounced almond and vanilla sweetness. While distilled from quince, this shows no discernible fruitiness. Recommended for mixing into sweeter-style drinks.

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