Ron Santa Fe 12Yr Extra Anejo 750ml
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Ron Santa Fe 12Yr Extra Anejo 750ml


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A liqueur is not just any drink and according to experts, Colombia has the most delicious in the world. Ron Santafé Nido de Condors 12 years old, a Latin pride.

Whether for the occasion or as a special gift, there is no need to fear when choosing in a good liquor. The first thing you should know, is that it is a drink made from fruits or herbs. Liqueur creams, aniseed liqueur and rum, are just some of the best known.

Very interesting is the way in which each country manages to extract that special essence. The difference is how they manage to give a sweet but handmade flavor to the product and make magic with alcohol.

Based in Belgium, the “Monde Selection” analyzes, evaluates and awards the best wines, spirits and beers in the world. According to their standards a good liqueur should stand out for having outstanding qualities such as flavor, innovation and originality.

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Category Rum
Region Puerto Rico, Rum
Brand Ron Santa
Alcohol/vol 37%