Ron Barcelo Gran Platinum Rum -
Ron Barcelo Gran Platinum Rum

Ron Barcelo Gran Platinum Rum


The Ron Barcelo Gran Platinum rum from Dominican Republic producer Ron Barceló is made with rum aged in bourbon barrels. Which is then filtered to remove the color, but not the flavor. The result is rich in spice and caramel, and won’t change the hue of your cocktails. Ace!

Ron Barcelo Gran Platinum is a blend of molasses-based rums aged an average of six years in ex-bourbon barrels. Charcoal filtration prior to bottling removes the color imparted by aging.

The smooth White Ron Barcelo Gran Platinum Rum is a premium white Rum and has the scent of woody notes that are also found in the unique taste. They are joined by fruity notes of crisp green apples and fresh pineapple which gives the White Ron Barceló Gran Platinum Rum a special freshness. Zesty citrus, pink pepper, and refreshing eucalyptus give the Rum a very fancy touch.

Before the final bottling of the White Ron Barceló Gran Platinum Rum, it is carefully filtered and then filled in the distinctive glass bottles. This white colored Rum is achieved by filtering out the Ron Barceló Gran Anejo through charcoal until a transparent and crystal-like body is achieved that still retains the nuances of an aged Rum.

The Ron Barceló distillery was established in the 1930s by a Spanish immigrant called Ron Barceló who knew about producing an excellent Rum. The company has remained in the same family until now. In the 1980s, the Ron Barceló spirits were the true classics and were well-loved in the Dominican Republic.


Sweet, chocolate-led nose with notes of fresh herbs, butterscotch, a hint of pepper, and almond.


Rounded and medium-bodied with espresso beans, dark chocolate, manuka honey, and toasted hazelnut.


Good length with black pepper and cinnamon spices.

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