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Rock Town Distillery Rye Whiskey
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Rock Town Distillery Rye Whiskey


This small-batch rye is aged one year, yielding oak and vanilla aromas and a drying flavor profile with walnut and oak, fading to vanilla and faint hints of banana and spice.

From the awesome folks at the Rock Town distillery in Little Rock, Arkansas, comes their very own Rye Whiskey. As there hadn’t been any rye grown in Arkansas for a long time, the Rock Town distillers went ahead and grew their own to create a real Arkansas rye whiskey. You don’t let a little thing like “no rye being grown in the state” stand between Rock Town and rye whiskey, that’s for sure.

The nose offers a near perfect balance of wood and distillate (very subtle for something matured in a hot climate), with vanilla and toasted almonds balanced against a dried pineapple with some fresher green apple notes. Powerful wood spices at first dominate the palate, but soon vibrant notes of tobacco, new leather, strawberry jam and liquorice appear – the excellent mouthfeel should be remarked upon too. The balance of spice and fruit continues onto the finish with waves of vanilla and cinnamon showing against ground coffee and dark chocolate.

Color: Amber

Nose: Some light clove spice, together with tropical fruit like banana. Honey and nutmeg after a few minutes.

Palate: a slight rubbery, chemical note opens the palate, followed by stronger spice, darker fruit notes like blackberry, and some wood. Fairly light on the palate.

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Rock Town Arkansas Rye Whiskey is a premium small batch rye whiskey distilled, aged and bottled at our distillery in Little Rock, Arkansas. We take pride in the fact that we grow our own Rye in Northeast Arkansas. As with all our whiskies, our Rye Whiskey is made from grain to glass right here at the distillery in Little Rock. We’re makers not fakers.

Category Rye
Region United States, Arkansas
Brand Rock Town Distillery
Alcohol/vol 46%
Proof 92.00

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Weight 750 lbs