Red Door Highland Gin by Benromach
Red Door Highland Gin By Benromach 700ml
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Red Door Highland Gin By Benromach 700ml

$89.00 $84.55

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Made in the fabulous Benromach distillery, Red Door Highland Gin is a small-batch, handcrafted London Dry style gin. The botanical selection was inspired by Scotland’s mountains, forests and coastal fringes, featuring the likes of bitter orange, sea buckthorn, heather and rowanberries among juniper.

Distilled in the affectionately named copper pot still, ‘Peggy’, Red Door Gin was created using the vapour-infused distilling method, which steams the neutral base spirit through a total of eight botanicals. It was bottled at 45% ABV, in a rather stylish and, appropriately, red receptacle. Red Door Highland Gin can be enjoyed in a variety of serves, from a classic G&T to a Negroni or Martini.

Produced at Benromach Distillery in the Highlands of Scotland, this gin is named after the distillery’s distinctive red doors. Using the vapor-infusion distillation method, a copper pot still named Peggy steams a neutral base spirit into 8 botanicals which were selected to highlight Scotland’s mountains, forests, and coastal fringes. These botanicals are juniper, bitter orange peel, sea buckthorn, pearls of heather, rowanberry, lemon peel, coriander seed, and angelica root.

Very juniper forward, almost punchy in nature. The nose on this gin is very aromatic: Pine tree, sharp citrus and floral undertones demand your attention. The palate reveals Seville orange marmalade, lemon peel dipped in sugar and a crisp clean mouthfeel. Super dry finish with a lingering aftertaste of angelica root. Perfect example of a dry gin with a citrus bite. Some might consider the bitter component a little over the top or slightly unbalanced. Using a 2:1 tonic to gin ratio with a couple of red raspberries for garnish is recommended.

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