Port Morris Distillery Pitorro Coquito 750ml
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Port Morris Distillery Pitorro Coquito 750ml


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Pitorro Coquito, 50 Proof, A Product Of Pitorro Shine Blended With Cinnamon And Coconut. Non-Dairy Coquito. SHAKE WELL To Dissolve The Coconut And Cinnamon Residue At The Bottom Of The Bottle Before Consuming.

Traditional Puerto Rican moonshine, made in the Bronx. Pitorro shine is created using a mash of New York State apple cider and honey, the fermentation is allowed 14-21 days to mature. This product is then blended with coconut juice and cinnamon to create an egg-nog like holiday spirits.

Drinks like a holiday spirit on ice, mixed in cocktails or neat.

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Category Liqueur
Region United States, Liqueur
Brand Port Morris
Alcohol/vol 40%