Plantation Grand Terroir Vintage 2003 Old Reserve Trinidad Rum 750ml


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Plantation Grand Terroir 2003 is a true  vintage rum from an “unspecified” distillery in Jamaica, bottled by the Maison Ferrand Cognac House in France. This rum is the product of a pot still and a longer than average fermentation, ensuring an exotic, fruity flavor, with plenty of lingering spice. Like other Plantation products, this rum has been aged for a while in the Caribbean, before being shipped over to Cognac for further maturation. Old Reserve vintage rums from Plantation are always limited releases, and therefore rum fans should move fast if they want to taste this incredible Jamaican dark rum.

Four stars were given to this powerful rum with ample character by Paul Pacult, Spirit journal 2015. Plantation Grand Terroir 2003 Firstly aged in Bourbon casks in the tropical climate of Jamaica, this rum is then shipped to the Chateau de Bonbonnet, France, to be further matured in small Ferrand barrels under the watchful eye of our award-winning Cellar Master. This special double ageing technique provides Plantation rum with its rare elegance and finesse.

The so-called Diamond Distillery belongs to the company Demerara Distillers Ltd and manufactures its rum from raw materials grown on its own sugarcane plantations on the shores of Demerara River. These are molasses rums, but under the name “Demerara Rum” they enjoy a good international reputation among rum connoisseurs.

45.2% ABV, 750 ml

Brand name Plantation
Taste Vanilla
Alcohol content 45.2 Percent by volume
Alcohol Type Rum
Liquid volume 700 Milliliters


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