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Pinhook Rye Humor Cask Strength
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Pinhook Rye Humor Cask Strength


Proofed at 114, this straight rye whiskey’s deep and dense aromas of dark chocolate, candied black licorice, and vanilla extract set the stage for robust flavors of raisins, tobacco, cinnamon stick, and sarsaparilla.

The real name Pinhook is taken from a thoroughbred industry practice of buying young horses and selling them when they are old enough to race. In that vein, the brand has begun to release a new bourbon and the new rye every year each named after a promising young race horse. This year’s rye, Rye Humor, first hit shelves this spring at 97 proof.

The newest expression, Pinhook Rye Humor Cask Strength 2018, will be arriving around the country in the coming weeks. This 95% rye, 5% malted barley rye whiskey recipe was distilled in Lawrenceburg, IN, aged 4 years, and bottled at 114 proof. The distillery tells us to look for notes of “dark chocolate, candied black licorice, vanilla extract, raisins, tobacco, cinnamon stick, and sarsaparilla.”

Nose: Bright and deep nose with notes of Creme Brûlée, orange zest, and toasted coconut.

Palate: Rich and harmonious flavors of pralines, brioche, cocoa, and candied cinnamon.

Finish: Flavorful and lingering finish with notes of pear, honey, and pepper, plus a light spicy outro.

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The story of Pinhook Rye Humor Cask Whiskey starts in2014 with its first release. You see, each fall the folks in the newly restored Castle & Key Distilleryin Frankfort, Kentucky, create a single batch of Bourbon and a single batch of Rye. Each release is named after a thoroughbred racehorse coming up in the Bourbon Lane Stables — the horse’s stats are even printed on the labels. So each issuance isa bit different, just like each racehorse is different. It’s agreat story and they sell out every year.

Category Rye
Region United States, Kentucky
Brand Pinhook
Proof 114.00

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Weight 750 lbs