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Pierre Ferrand Cognac 1Er Cru Reserve Double Cask 750 Ml
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Pierre Ferrand Cognac 1Er Cru Reserve Double Cask 750 Ml


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This Pierre Ferrand Cognac Réserve Double Cask release is aged first in small French oak barrels for 7-10 years. This is then blended with 20-year-old cognac. Once blended, it is aged for one additional year in a humid cellar in casks which once held Banyuls wine, a fortified dessert wine. This is a permanent addition to the portfolio and replaces their Réserve bottling. Available in April 2017.

This Pierre Ferrand Cognac experimental blend of seven- to 20-year-old Grande Champagne is finished for 12 to 18 months in Banyuls casks. Light copper in color, it’s bright and fruity, with flavors and aromas of fresh citrus and stone fruit, but there’s significant rancio throughout. Banyuls is all about rancio so that it makes sense, but the palate is very unique, almost the opposite of what’s expected: the spice and rancio come upfront, followed by a finish of raisins and dates. A fascinating and tasty experiment.

Cognac, France- Double Cask is first aged in Cognac barrels and then matured in Banyuls barrels. This ancient technique creates a Cognac with aromas of nuts, prune, with subtle notes of coffee, chocolate, and spice. Complex and meditative, it is perfect sipping.

Golden tones of fresh hay, orange cream, and baked fig waft from this indulgent brandy. The palate is silky and seductive and caresses with flavors of raisin cookie and lemon sorbet before finishing slightly sweet with a kiss of toasted oak.


Teasing dark amber with golden flashes


Fruity, hints of raisins, and incense with delicious tones of toasted wood.


Fruit flavors abound, progressing towards the spicier end of the spectrum with licorice, cloves, and dried figs. A lengthy finish that delights with the taste of stewed apples.

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