Peshterska Matured Grape Brandy -
Peshterska Matured Grape Brandy
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Peshterska Matured Grape Brandy


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Peshterska Matured Grape Brandy from Bulgaria has international awards for its great taste profile. It has a flavor profile of vanilla and is nutty. Then finished with a lightly sweet powdered sugar and pepper taste.

Golden salmon color. Vanilla and toasted nut aromas, nice oily texture. Dryish, vanilla bean oily nut flavors. Finishes with lightly sweet powdered sugar.

Peshterska Matured Grape Brandy is a repeat winner of national and international awards. Its distinctive nutty taste with vanilla and peppers as added flavors gives this brandy an upper hand against the competition.

Peshterska Matured Grape Rakia has distinctive vanilla and toasted nut aromas. Finishes with a lightly sweet powdered sugar and pepper taste long lingering on the back of the palate. The nice oily texture when served ice cold.

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