Peerless Distilling Co. Small Batch Straight Rye 750ml
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Peerless Distilling Co. Small Batch Straight Rye 750ml


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Peerless Straight Rye Whiskey Is Well-Balanced, Bolstered By Sweet Tones Of Maple, Brown Sugar, And Light Citrus Sweetness. Finish With A Hint Of Oak & No Burn On The Throat. Due To The Carefully Unique Distilling Process, Peerless Offers A Smooth Taste That Stands Out From Other Ryes. A Palatable Sipping Rye To Be Savored With Friends And Family.

Every Drop Is Honestly Crafted. We Craft Using Strictly Sweet Mash, Starting With Fresh Water And Grain Each Batch. Our Whiskey Is Never Chill-Filtered, Leaving All The Craft Flavors You Love Intact. Peerless Whiskey Is Bottled At Barrel Proof.

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Category Rye Whiskey
Region United States, Rye Whiskey
Brand Peerless
Alcohol/vol 55%