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Paul John Xo Brandy 70cl
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Paul John Xo Brandy 70cl


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Paul John XO Brandy is made from the famed Ugni Blanc and the rich Bangalore purple grape. The brandy is matured in specially selected, medium toasted new French limousine oak barrels. With gentle honeyed aromas, orange zest and a touch of herbs that enhance the tender raisin and sweet oak flavors, the exotic Paul John XO is matured and distilled in Goa.

The tremendous appreciation of my single malts lead me to consider venturing into premium brandy as well. On research we discovered that the Indian grape like the Bangalore Purple and Ugni Blanc in India had much promise especially in terms of the rare and exotic flavour profile they could deliver to an XO. I chose to use medium toasted new French limousine oak barrels for Paul John XO to ensure that the experienced palate would feel comfortable with my XO and yet be able to enjoy the exclusive tropical richness that only Paul John XO offers.

Paul John XO Brandy Distillery is known for their stellar single malt whiskies like Paul John PX Select Cask, which made it to my Best Whiskies of 2020. Though not a lot of people know that they already have a lot of expertise on brandy, rum, vodka and other spirits they make for the local market under the parent company John Distilleries. Roulette and Mont Castle are the two brandy brands that they offer in India.


Sultana grapes, honey, milk chocolate, vanilla spice, golden raisins, summer flowers, cappuccino flavored hookah tobacco. As time passes chocolate chip cookie, apricots, mango and passion fruit with toasted oak.


Creamy, apples, brioche, almond paste, orange zest, subtle black tea at the back with bitter red forest fruits, walnuts.


Medium and creamy with oak spices, white chocolate ganache, white peppers, sage. 

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