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Paolucci Amaro Ciociaro 750ml
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Paolucci Amaro Ciociaro 750ml


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Paolucci Amaro Ciociaro

The Paolucci amaro ciociaro, a mixture of carefully selected natural ingredients, is the product of an authentic recipe from the “Ciociaro” region of Italy. Created and safeguarded by the Paolucci family since 1873, it can be served straight as an after-dinner drink and on the rocks or with seltzer after as aperitif. It makes a great punch when served at room temperature with lemon peels.

Named for the region of Italy from which it is made, this well-balanced aperitif is made from an assortment of carefully selected natural ingredients creating a bittersweet palate. Citrus and sweet notes take turns on the palate with a dry finish.

Created by Vincenzo Paolucci in 1873 shortly after his move from the nearby Italian region of Abruzzo to Sora in Ciociaria and the Liri Valley rich in herbs and spices such as gentian which he needed for his liqueur production. Amaro Ciociaro continues to be made by Vincenzo Paolucci’s descendants.

Named after the region in which it was originally made in 1873, Amaro CioCiaro is made using a recipe closely guarded by the Paolucci family.

This vibrant, bittersweet bouquet is citrusy, herbal, floral, and earthy. The palate is intensely herbal and earthy but refreshingly orange. The tasty midpalate is marked by heightened sweetness and a more mineral-like core flavor. The finish is savory and bittersweet.

A bittersweet Amaro with roots stretching back to 1873. Earthy and herbal, it’s a great cocktail ingredient and also works well long with soda or just on the rocks.


Bitter, earthy, and oily nose, with mixed herbs and woody spice. Soft, leafy, savory herbs are joined by more spicy notes and a background of dried orange peel.


Bittersweet on the palate, with a rich and oily mouthfeel. Licorice and sharp herbal bitterness are swamped by thick, sugar syrup sweetness and zingy orange oil.


Cheek puckering, with bitter tannins and leafy herbs, but still sweet, with orange and mint.

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