Oxley Cold Distilled London Dry Gin 750ml
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Oxley Cold Distilled London Dry Gin 750ml


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Oxley’s is designed, as the name suggests, in the classic dry English style and is very similar to a London dry gin, but this one has a unique characteristic. Oxley is produced using a distilling technique called ‘cold distillation,’ which is not commonly used in the industry. This process allows the botanicals of the gin to come through in a softer, more natural way, making this gin ideal for those who like a more delicate profile. To enhance the taste of Oxley Gin, only the freshest and finest botanical ingredients are selected to craft this pioneering spirit. Each of its 14 botanical ingredients including Juniper, citrus fruits, and Meadowsweet, is prepared, weighed and measured again by hand. Unlike other gins which typically use dried peels, Oxley uses fresh, hand-peeled citrus fruits. Juniper berries, an essential element of any gin recipe, release overly strong pine notes when exposed to prolong heat.

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Category Gin
Region England, Gin
Brand Oxley
Alcohol/vol 40%