Ottoz Ebo Lebo Amaro
Ottoz Ebo Lebo Amaro 750ml
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Ottoz Ebo Lebo Amaro 750ml


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Ottoz Ebo Lebo Amaro

Ottoz Ebo Lebo Amaro is a liquor from Valle d’Aosta with a legendary history. Salassi, ancient habitants of the region, managed to survive the invasion of the Romans thanks to this liquid that they considered a medicine against all ills. Produced from secret doses of infusions of aromatic herbs including gènèpy and saffron is universally recognized for its digestive properties.

Category: Liqueurs & Cordials
Region: Italy, Valle d’Aosta
Brand: Ottoz
Alcohol/vol: 36%

Nose: Fine, Intense Aroma of Alpine Herbs.

Taste: Bitter flavor, with a note of mountain freshness.

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