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Old Monk Rum the Legend Very Old Vatted

Old Monk Rum the Legend Very Old Vatted


Old monk is a dark rum brand produced by Mohan Meakin limited in Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. It is a molasses distilled rum, blended and aged for a minimum of 7 years. A liter bottle of the old monk, India’s most famous rum. This quirky bottle is shaped like the head of hg Meakin, a British brewing entrepreneur who moved to India in the late 1800s and founded the company that would go on to produce old monk.

Old Monk The Legend is the epitome of our relentless efforts for quality and perfection. Spirits from various raw materials are matured in Silver Oak Wood Cask for mellowness and aroma then blended to make this exquisite rum. The success of the Old Monk Family is undisputed. Now comes The Legend to captivate rum connoisseurs the work over.

The Legend”, a limited edition 1 liter bottle crafted in the shape of the Monk’s head itself. This review will focus on “The Legend”, OMR’s most recent creation. Although no indication is given as to the aging of this “Very Old Vatted” Indian Rum, we are told this blended rum has been created for connoisseurs.

Old Monk Is A Dark Rum Brand Produced By Mohan Meakin Limited In Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. It Is A Molasses Distilled Rum, Blended And Aged For A Minimum Of 7 Years. A Litre Bottle Of Old Monk, India’s Most Famous Rum. This Quirky Bottle Is Shaped Like The Head Of HG Meakin, A British Brewing Entrepreneur Who Moved To India In The Late 1800s And Founded The Company That Would Go On To Produce Old Monk.

Testing Notes:

Amber dark rum is with us a rarity. The extraordinary bottle looks great in your home bar, also on the palate knows stored in oak barrels. Soft and mild aromas of vanilla and burnt caramel with a hint of Christmas spices. Sweet, fruity, and hint of the wood nose. Butterscotch, cloves, cinnamon, hints of oriental spices, hints of bananas and oranges taste.

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