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Old Grand Dad 114 Proof Bourbon

Old Grand Dad 114 Proof Bourbon


Throughout 2016, it was believed based on many credible sources that Beam was planning on discontinuing Old Grand-Dad 114 Proof.  Whiskey writer Chuck Cowdery seemingly validated the rumors when he reported in October 2016 that Beams was “probably” going to shutter the brand in 2017. In February 2017, he reported that Beam is rethinking this move and shipments will improve in the second quarter of 2017.

The “Old Grand-Dad 114 Proof” this Kentucky straight bourbon is named for is none other than Basil Hayden. Created by Basil’s grandson, Colonel R.B. Hayden, this bourbon utilizes a high-rye mash bill. Sold in a variety of proofs, this is the 114 proof. Old Grand-Dad is part of “The Olds” in the Jim Beam portfolio which includes Old Overholt ryes.

A full-proof version of this classic rye-tinged bourbon. Unbelievably smooth for a spirit of this strength, Old Gran-dad 114 will put hairs on your chest.


This bourbon has some hair on its chest. Immediately you’re hit with cinnamon, brown sugar and rye heat. Old Grand-Dad line is known for their above-average amount of rye in their mashbill compared to other bourbons. This is very evident on its nose. Fainter hints of orange peel and spice also tag along for the ride.


Fruity but very firm. The rye character is present along with a decent amount of alcohol that at times can get in the way of the flavor. This bourbon commands all of your attention and then some.


A full bodied finish that lets you know it’s there. It’s certainly one of the more stronger tasting bourbons out there. The long finish reveals almost a candied aftertaste with red hot cinnamon being very present. The bourbon does seem to enjoy a few extra minutes out of the bottle as it becomes a bit easier to go down.

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