Old Forester 100 Proof Kentucky Straight Rye 750ml
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Old Forester 100 Proof Kentucky Straight Rye 750ml


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A Historic Recipe, Acquired In 1940 By Owsley Brown I, Old Forester Rye Features A Mash Bill Of 65% Rye, 20% Malted Barley, And 15% Corn. Such A High Proportion Of Barley Allows For A Fully Natural Fermentation Process, Forgoing The Need For Artificial Enzymes Commonly Found In High Rye Mash Bills. Additionally, A Generous Percentage Of Malt Yields A Unique Floral Character, Balancing The Sharp, Brisk Spice Of The Rye Grain. Continuing Our Legacy Of Quality And Consistency, Old Forester Uses Its Own Proprietary Yeast Strain, Produces Every Barrel, And Distills Every Drop.

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Category Rye Whiskey
Region United States, Rye Whiskey
Brand Old Forester
Alcohol/vol 50%