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Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon
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Noble Oak Double Oak Bourbon


Noble Oak Double Oak is a new brand of bourbon that takes traditional, sourced MGP whiskey. Then finishes it with the addition of staves of former sherry barrels through a process called Compression Finishing. The Kentucky-based company doesn’t say much about what Compression Finishing is or how it works. But it doesn’t claim it to be an accelerated aging program of any kind.

The nose is immediately heavy with sugar butterscotch, caramel, maple, and vanilla cake frosting. Notes of coffee with cream cover up a hint of the granary and a fresh oak note that grows heavier as it opens up with air. The palate’s a surprise: Much more cereal and far more wood, though there’s still plenty of sugar to go around, too. What’s not detectable is any semblance of sherry; those winey, citrus-dusted notes just never materialize in any meaningful way except as perhaps a touch of Orange Creamsicle on the finish. Some pepper notes linger on the back end, but the entire experience is so overwhelming with the sweetness that the whiskey can come across more like a liqueur than a straight bourbon.

Distinctive and aromatic, this Noble Oak Double Oak whiskey shows its American grain roots with exotic suggestions of green olive and sultry dried fruit. Honeyed and round on the palate, apricot and peaches are matched with salted peanuts and maple. Warm and spicy. 2018 Ultimate Spirits Challenge 94 Points

Every bottle plants a tree. “In partnership with, we help save our planet and restore our forests by replanting trees in deforested areas.

Appearance / Color:


Nose / Aroma / Smell:

Roasted corn, herbs and spices, wood, and ginger on the nose.

Flavor / Taste / Palate:

Warm vanilla palate with hints of leather, dark chocolate, and rich flavors of Sherry oak staves.


Sweet caramel finish.
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