Navan Vanilla cognac
Navan Vanilla Cognac Grand Marnier French Liqueur
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Navan Vanilla Cognac Grand Marnier French Liqueur


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Navan Vanilla Cognac is a deep amber/golden color with a strong, sweet, vanilla scent that is almost candy-like. The liqueur is viscous and is almost syrupy and clings to the walls of the glass. The impression when taking the first sip sweetness followed by pure vanilla.

This is quickly followed by a pleasant touch of alcohol, which balances the sweetness, to round it out. There is a warm, spicy finish from the cognac. The vanilla sweetness is still present, but extremely well balanced with the cognac.

The best part is the gentle warming sensation the cognac provides in the back of your throat and stomach. It is definitely not harsh.

Navan Vanilla Cognac features natural vanilla from Madagascar. One of the world’s most complex spices, natural vanilla contains a full aroma spectrum and is the second most expensive spice after Saffron.

The navan vanilla was flown to France where it was married with fine French cognac that had been aged for up to 10 years. Once blended, Navan aged an additional 6 months so the flavors could mature together.

Grand Marnier, the makers of this liqueur, describes it as “fine French cognac with a whisper of natural Madagascar vanilla.” The vanilla is faintly perceptible on the nose. Extremely sweet in taste, the vanilla is quite strong and overpowers the flavor of the cognac.

The lack of balance is very noticeable. If you’re a vanilla aficionado, then this is right up your alley.


Clear, golden yellow.


Aromatic vanilla extract and Eaux de vie with butter pastry and faint coffee bean.


The surprisingly spicy palate, with pronounced vanilla flat alcoholic cream soda with a hint of orange zest and stewed black English breakfast tea.


Long concentrated vanilla fudge with lingering chili spice-like heat.


Not the mild-mannered, easy McDonald’s-style milkshake vanilla flavor you might expect to find in lesser vanilla liqueurs.

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