Montenegro Amaro
Montenegro Amaro Liqueur 750ml
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Montenegro Amaro Liqueur 750ml

$81.00 $72.90

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Montenegro Amaro Liqueur

750 ml, 23% ABV

Italy- Celebrated as the world’s best liqueur, Amaro Montenegro is crafted from a secret blend of 40 botanicals. It’s signature smooth flavor is characterized by a blend of sweet and bitter notes. Traditionally enjoyed as a digestif, Montenegro has become a favorite cocktail ingredient.

BRAND: Montenegro
SPIRITS TYPE: Amaro, Aperitif & Vermouth
SPIRITS STYLE: Amaro, Light/Sweet
TASTE: Off-dry, Herb, Vanilla

Amber color, complex aroma, pleasantly balanced between sweet and bitter. Drink it straight t, on the rocks or as dominant modifier for classic and innovative cocktails.

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