Milk and Honey Distillery Whisky in Bloom Young Single Malt Lightly Peated -
Milk And Honey Distillery Whisky In Bloom Young Single Malt Lightly Peated 750ml
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Milk And Honey Distillery Whisky In Bloom Young Single Malt Lightly Peated 750ml

$129.00 $122.55

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Milk and Honey is a special single malt blend of three cask types: ex-bourbon, ex-red wine (STR), and ex-Islay casks previously used to mature peated whisky from Islay in Scotland.

The ex-Islay casks provide an additional layer of light peatiness and maritime aroma.

Each of the different casks contributes complexity to the spirit, balancing and refining the different flavors for an intricate, lightly peated Whisky in Bloom.

Milk & Honey Distillery is based in Tel Aviv, Israel. For the brand’s Whisky in Bloom Young Single Malt Lightly Peated release, the single malt aged in three types of barrels: ex-bourbon, ex-red wine (STR barrels), and ex-Islay casks (peated single malt).

The STR casks were developed by the late Dr. Jim Swan who consulted with Milk & Honey. STR refers to the shaved, toasted, and re-charred method he formulated. Bottled without chill-filtration at 46% ABV. Available in the US as of December 2019. Certified Kosher.

“Inspired by our city of Tel Aviv, we fulfilled our dream and established Israel’s first whisky distillery. Since 2012, our passionate and dedicated team, under the expert guidance of the late Dr. Jim Swan, has boldly crafted single malt spirits.

Our whiskies are the result of our innovative essence and meticulous cask selection, perfected by the hot and humid climate of vibrant Tel Aviv. Our unwavering vision has shaped our whisky into a smooth, balanced, and surprisingly complex spirit.


Abruptly balanced patisserie cream and peat! Fresh summer flowers with oatmeal, vanilla, and heather.


Peat comes forward but not overpowering. Beautiful dry quince notes with green peppers balanced delicately with some red forest fruits.


Medium and warming. An earthy character with notes of cherry and cinnamon.

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