Midleton Very Rare Blended Irish Whiskey 2018 750ml
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Midleton Very Rare Blended Irish Whiskey 2018 750ml


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Midleton Very Rare Blended Irish Whiskey 2018 750ml

Made in 1984 and discharged yearly from that point forward, Midleton Very Rare is a standout amongst the most selective and looked for after Irish bourbons.

Once per year our Master Distiller hand chooses just the best and rarest bourbons accessible to him and after that painstakingly mixes them to make every yearly vintage of Midleton Very Rare Vintage Release. Just a predetermined number of bottles of this novel Irish bourbon vintage are discharged every year.

Midleton Very Rare changed what Irish bourbon had moved toward becoming. It wasn’t mass market, however a constrained and very recognized liquid. It was in certainty the principal premium mixed bourbon delivered before any Scottish refinery had even started to consider it.

Tasting Notes

Aroma: Ripe fruit notes of sweet pear and apple that develop overtime, adding a delicate touch of mango. Complimented by the charred American Oak, these flavours are further accentuated with additional sweet layers of brown sugar and vanilla, with a light dusting of nutmeg, cinnamon and clove spice.

Taste: Luscious and silky texture with the orchard fruits and pot still spices coming to the fore while the grain’s soft floral notes gently linger in the background, allowing the oak to add dimensions of mild tannins and wood spice.

Finish: The fruits and gentle spice slowly fade, giving way to the oak foundation that leaves a mild roasted coffee and nutty character to linger until the very end.

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