Metaxa Grande Fine
Metaxa Grande Fine 750ml
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Metaxa Grande Fine 750ml


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Metaxa Grande Fine

METAXA Grande Fine Is An Extremely Mature And Well Respected Member Of The METAXA Family. Its Distinctive Ceramic Bottle Was Inspired By Ancient Greek Designs Originating From The Island Of Rhodes.

Within The Bottle Is A Spirit Whose Distillates Are Up To 15 Years Old, The Youngest Being More Than 8 Years Old. The Silky-Smooth Taste Carries Hints Of Vanilla Within The Amber Color, Balanced By The Aroma Of Wood.

You Will Appreciate The Superb Quality Of This Premium Spirit!

Product Details

Brand: Metaxa
Country: Greece
Alcohol– 40% ABV
Bottle Size -750 ml
Category -Liqueurs/Aperitifs

Tasting Notes

Color: Amber
Aroma: Fully Aromatic, Woody, Well Balanced
Taste: Silky, Ample, Aged, With A Slight Touch Of Vanilla

Metaxa is marketed as the “smoothest amber spirit ever”, and has a hint of sweetness and citrus notes. It is available in three flavors: five-star, seven-star and three-star. Each star represents the amount of time it has spent in oak casks.

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