Mars Whisky Komagatake 2020 Single Malt Japanese Whisky -
Mars Whisky Komagatake 2020 Single Malt Japanese Whisky 750ml
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Mars Whisky Komagatake 2020 Single Malt Japanese Whisky 750ml


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The label on the 2020 edition of the Komagatake Limited Series celebrates recent and substantial refurbishments made to Mars Shinshu, tucked in the Nagano Alps and opened nearly 40 years ago. This single malt whisky was aged over 3 years in sherry casks and a combination of new American oak casks and ex-bourbon barrels. The distiller’s tasting notes include prune, honey, and vanilla on the nose, with sweet orange on the palate underscored by cocoa powder; a delicious dram to mark the next leg of the Mars Shinshu whisky-making journey. Bottled at its cask strength of 50% ABV and non-chill filtered.

Rejoice, because we’ve got another edition of Mars Shinshu’s annual single malt release! This is the 2020 Edition, distilled at Japan’s Shinshu distillery and drawn from a combination of sherry and American white oak casks, bottled up at 50% ABV. A delightfully nutty, buttery affair.

This Mars Komagatake whisky is a special limited edition expression for 2020. It’s a single malt, distilled at the brilliant Shinshu distillery and matured in sherry and American white oak casks before being bottled at 50%. Expect mixed fruits, vanilla, sweet honey and a gentle, creamy mouthfeel. In the past, these limited releases from Mars have won a number of awards for their excellence, and we wouldn’t be surprised if this expression followed suit.

The Mars Whisky Komagatake 2020 limited-edition Japanese single malt from Mars was distilled at Shinshu distillery and matured in a combination of ex-sherry and American white oak casks. The palate offers notes of vanilla, honey, sweet cream and mixed fruits that linger in the finish.


Pear crumble and baking spices, with touches almond butter, chocolate-coated nuts and buttery caramel.


Malt biscuits and ripe tropical fruit appear, along with honeyed cereal and homemade berry jam.


Set custard and more buttery sweetness linger.

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