Makers Mark Cask Strength American Whiskey 750ml
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Makers Mark Cask Strength American Whiskey 750ml


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From the makers: From the barrel to the bottle at 108 to 114 proof, Maker’s MarkCask Strength retains the signature front-of-the-palate flavors of Maker’s Mark – while amping up the oak, caramel, vanilla and spice to create a remarkable new bourbon.

Though it’s bottled at a higher proof than either Maker’s Mark or Maker’s 46 bourbons, Maker’s Mark Cask Strength has a lower proof than most cask strength whiskies. To us, a higher proof can overwhelm a bourbon with a heavy alcohol taste. And at Maker’s Mark, we’ve always been about creating whiskies that taste “yummy.”

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Category Whisky
Region America, Whisky
Brand Makers
Alcohol/vol 55%