Magnus Highland Park Single Malt Scotch -
Magnus Highland Park Single Malt Scotch

Magnus Highland Park Single Malt Scotch


A whisky crafted in the old way by a new generation of Vikings, Magnus bears the soul of our Viking ancestors and the name of just one – our founder, Magnus Munson. He was a direct descendant of the Vikings who settled on Orkney hundreds of years ago. He set up his illicit still in a bothy (a small stone hut) at the high park, Kirkwall that’s still the site of our distillery today. And, while we say the highland park was founded in 1798, in the truth that’s just the year that the authorities caught up with Magnus – he was certainly making whisky before that!

We stay true to our founder’s bold and uncompromising approach to whisky making very little has changed here in the last 220 years. In Magnus, we celebrate this unbroken tradition with a single malt whisky, matured in American oak sherry-seasoned and bourbon casks, that delivers notes of sweet vanilla, overlaid with our distinctive aromatic smokiness.

Highland Park is known for “partly” or “half” -peated single malts with a bit of sherry influence. A little of this, a little of that. I’ve said before that their Highland Park 12 year is a good introduction for single malt noobs who aren’t sure they’re ready for the full-blast peat of Islay whiskies. Unfortunately, the Highland Park 12 suffers for the comparison – it is a little more bitter and a little “rougher” (in terms of off-flavors) than comparably-priced Islay malts. Enter Magnus, the new entry-level NAS malt from Highland Park.


Gentle peat, light lemon, and orange peel. Grapefruit. Deeper in the glass there’s a nice juicy tangerine note. Sweet, light, and with only an echo of floral Orkney peat.


Thin body. Mild tongue burn. Somewhat sweet on the tongue – shortbread or biscuits. Very slightly acrid – charcoal maybe.


Long Finish. The citrus peel returns, along with some bitter barrel tannin and rosewater. Fades slowly without added complexity.

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