Madonna Nera Igt 2018

$129.98 $110.48

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Madonna Nera Igt 2018 $129.98 $110.48
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Madonna Nera

Carlo Ferrini’s Adventure With “Madonna Nera” Began Three Years Ago And Led To The Birth, In 2006, Of A Blend Of Sangiovese, Merlot And Cabernet. Bottle In A French Burgonet With A Long Neck And Sloping Shoulders, “Madonna Nera” Has A Modern Label As Black As It’s Name, In A Sharp Contrast With Shiny Matt Letters Designed Expressly For The Brand. Given That Only A Limited Number Of Bottles Of “Madonna Nera” Are Produced Each Year, It Is Very Much A Niche Wine, For Palates In Search Of Unique High Quality Wines.

-From The Producer