Macallan "Classic Cut" 2020 Edition Scotch Whisky -
Macallan Classic Cut 2020 Edition Scotch Whisky

Macallan Classic Cut 2020 Edition Scotch Whisky


The 2020 Edition of Macallan Classic Cut has been carefully crafted by Macallan whisky maker Polly Logan using a combination of sherry-seasoned European oak casks and ex-bourbon American oak casks. Aromas of vanilla, candied orange peel, honey, sultanas and fresh oak fill the nose, complemented by notes of fresh ginger, juicy orange, honey, vanilla and fresh oak that linger in the finish.

This edition of The Macallan Classic Cut brings together European Oak Casks with ex-bourbon oak casks from America. There’s ginger and sweet orange in the palate, and that citrus zing persists right into the finish.

It’s the fourth release of The Macallan’s Classic Cut single malt! This one broke away from the exclusively sherried whiskies we’re all very familiar with from Macallan, and features whisky aged in ex-bourbon American oak cask maturation among sherry-seasoned European oak casks. It’s also bottled at a higher strength than the rest of the distillery’s range, sitting at 55% ABV.

Senior Whisky-maker Polly Logan created The Macallan Classic Cut 2020 Edition by hand selecting casks of their classic Single Malt aged in Sherry cask and Bourbon barrels and delivered it at a high proof — 55% ABV. At that strength it stands up to ice but is still smooth and lovingly sweet on the palate with a bit of ginger heat.


Orange curd, plump dried fruit, heather honey, and a touch creamy.


Chocolate-coated ginger, vanilla creaminess, and peppery oak.


A wave of fresh garden herbs brings a savoury nuance to an otherwise citrusy finish.

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