Lost Spirits Navy Style Rum 750 ml

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Lost Spirits Navy Style Rum

Lost Spirits Navy Rum Distillery is probably one of the most amazing distilleries I have ever visited. I had the chance to vista there a few years ago after Bryan(Davis and Joanne ( Haruta) moved back to the states after selling their distillery in Barcelona which produced that wonderful Obsello Absinthe and Barcelona Gin a few years ago.

BRAND : Lost Spirits
COUNTRY : United States
STATE : California

Tasting Notes Of Lost Spirits Navy Rum


Clear dark caramel color in the glass Deep walnut or mahogany brown red  gold in the bottle, on swirling it leaves a nice even coat in the glass, with tears very slowly forming along the edge line

First Impression:

Deep heavy molasses notes, with a equally heavy dose of long chained esters which give the impression of long oak aging. Lovely scents of baking molasses, demararra sugar,dried apricots,cinnamon, persimmons and spice. Best overproof rum we have ever had hands down.


Heavy molasses and cane sugar taste while not overly sweet, quite drinkable at full (136 proof) strength but not necessarily recommended for amateurs. Using a special mix of over ripe bananas Brian has managed to get a rum that tastes like it has been aged for years in oak. An intensely woody char taste balanced off by the sweetness and weight of the molasses make for a very heavy duty rum.


Heavy crystal type glass choice leads to s nice almost sparkling, clear glass bottle cylindrical brandy style in overall shape with a notably heavier clear glass foot to it giving it a  more prestige look and superior balance.Matte black neck capsule is almost fabric in texture with a natural cork with plastic disk top to easy opening but secure storage. Also removing that natural cork invokes an almost Pavlovian response – at least to us.

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