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Longrow 21 Year Old Single Cask Peated Scotch Whisky
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Longrow 21 Year Old Single Cask Peated Scotch Whisky


A particularly appealing Longrow single malt from the Springbank Distillery here folks, matured for 21 years! This terrific Campbeltown whisky packs a peaty punch paired with fresh fruit flourishes. Hopefully all that alliteration conveys our excitement for this one.

Longrow is the heavily peated, double distilled single malt that comes from the Springbank Distillery in Campbeltown. Aged for 21 years in 95% sherry casks, 5% bourbon casks, this malts peaty smoky notes develop richer characteristics. 3600 bottles have been released of this bottling worldwide.

Behold the 2020 release of Longrow 21 year old from the classic Springbank distillery. The year is a typically peated, musty style single malt that has been matured in 95% sherry oak, with 5% Bourbon cask influence there too. Packed full of sweet smoke, caramel shortbread and clove spice, this is always a super-tasty dram.

This 21-year-old single malt from Longrow has been matured in a combination of ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks, creating a fruity, spicy character. Rich, meaty aromas of toffee, salted popcorn, Iberico ham, beef jerky and honeydew melon fill the nose. The palate offers notes of dark forest fruits, prunes, creamy vanilla, amoretti biscuits and dried coconut, before developing herbal notes of fennel, pine needles and spicy black pepper.


Streaky bacon and burnt ends, with juicy mango and a touch of toffee.


Stewed berries and green apple notes arrive first, before earthy smoke and hickory. Pockets of vanilla and sugared almond pop up later on.


Final wafts of orange oil, cask char, floral malt and star anise.

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