Little Book Chapter 4: Freddie Noe Lesson's Honored -
Little Book Chapter 4: Freddie Noe Lesson’S Honored
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Little Book Chapter 4: Freddie Noe Lesson’S Honored


Little Book Chapter 4 is an annual limited edition blended whiskey series crafted by Freddie Noe, eighth generation Beam distiller. Chapter 4: Lessons Honored is made by blending three uncut and unfiltered Kentucky straight whiskeys which Freddie chose for their connection to past work with his father, current Beam master distiller Fred Noe. One is a 4 year-old Kentucky straight brown rice bourbon; one is an 8 year-old Kentucky “high rye” rye whiskey; and one is a 7 year-old Kentucky straight bourbon.

There’s a few obviously unusual elements there, starting with “brown rice bourbon”—not the kind of thing you see every day, and something Beam has only made on very rare occasions. The “high rye” rye whiskey is also different from other Beam ryes, which are standard, “barely legal” Kentucky ryes made with 51% rye. Instead, the Beam press releases compare this rye to the high-rye distillate that went into Booker’s Rye, which is certainly something that will entice whiskey collectors.

Little Book Chapter 4 “Lessons Honored” features flavors of full-bodied brown sugar, rich charred wood and dried cherries. The finish is soft and decadent, leaving a warm caramel taste on your tongue, followed by a spicy finish.

Vital Stats: Clocking in at 122.8 proof, Little Book Chapter 4: Lessons Honored is a blend of three American whiskeys as detailed above. Find it nationwide in limited quantities for around $125 for 750mL.

Appearance: This whiskey is a very clear, medium copper that coats the glass and forms slow, thick tears.

Nose: The nose is savory; a bit saline, a bit restrained. Orange peel and applewood come through, with whiffs of caramel apple, ripe peach and cinnamon: an early harvest season vibe.

Palate: The rich proof finds it aggressively spicy on the palate, with allspice and black pepper. The fruitiness of the nose returns on the mid palate. A lingering finish circles back to savory, distinctly mushroom and parmesan rind.

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Category Whiskey
Region United States, Kentucky
Brand Little Book
Alcohol/vol 61.4%
Proof 122.80

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Weight 750 lbs