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Leopold’s Navy Strength American Small Batch Gin

Leopold’s Navy Strength American Small Batch Gin


Leopold’s Navy Strength Gin : To make a Navy Strength Gin, some distillers would simply used the same recipe as their classic gin, just with less dilution, so the ABV hits the requisite 57%. The American craft distillery Leopold Bros., however, created a whole new recipe for their Navy Strength expression, with more juniper, coriander, cardamom and distilled bergamot. This navy strength offering is said to have twice the juniper and a much larger amount of citrus compared to the original. The distillery  noted on its Facebook page  that its process of distilling each botanical really shines in this gin, giving it a roundness and mild sweetness that one doesn’t find in London Drys. 

Navy Strength Gin is undoubtedly powerful stuff. That’s just the proof. Leopold’s Gin is among the most respected names in craft gin. Venerable and has stood the test of time. But for their Leopold’s Navy Strength Gin they did something that’s rather unusual for a distiller working on a Navy Strength gin. Most distillers give us a “less watered down” version of their main gin. So the flavors are more intense but its remarkably familiar.

Tasting Notes Of  Leopold’s Navy Strength Gin


Heavy on the floral juniper notes with a touch of citrus.


Bergamot comes forward quickly, with more juniper in tow and earthy herbs bringing up the rear.


It’s no surprise that the juniper lasts on the finish for quite a while.

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