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Leopolds American Small Batch Gin 750ml
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Leopolds American Small Batch Gin 750ml


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Leopold’s Small Batch American Gin is made by distilling each of its six botanicals separately and then blending the individual distillates together. The six botanicals are: juniper, orris root, cardamon, coriander, hand-zested Valencia oranges and Pummelos fruit.

Leopold’s gin— or more formally known as Leopold’s American Small Batch Gin— has been made since 2001. They might be one of the first gins on the market to individually hand number each bottle. And by the way, we’re reviewing Batch No. 17-27. There’s a gentle pine and terpenic aire on the nose. It’s slightly coniferous and resinous— suggesting juniper— but it really only adds some color. The dominant character is somewhere in this unusual blend of cucumber skin, celery stalk and orange rind. Leopold’s Gin suggests citrus and an herbal complexity at the same time. Being able to pull all three of these notes out of the nose without it ever feeling discordant is quite an accomplishment.

Tasting Notes Of Leopold’s American Batch Gin


Crystal clear.


Pastry and bready notes with earthy pine, cardamon and citrus zest. Distinct rosemary-like note.


Earthy pastry like notes continue in the piney and zesty citrus palate.


Pine and citrus zest with continued earthiness and mild peppery spice.

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