Laws Centennial 5Yr Straight Wheat Bonded Whiskey 750ml
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Laws Centennial 5Yr Straight Wheat Bonded Whiskey 750ml


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Made from a single season’s harvest of Centennial, the heirloom spring soft white varietal to be Bottles;
Bond in Colorado, which fittingly, is known as the Centennial State.nbsp; Unlike commercialized wheat grown nearly everywhere today, with the pre-industrial Centennial grain we are able to distill and ferment a spectrum of diverse flavors: aromas of apple orchard, orange blossoms, lilacs, and a palate highlighted by marmalade, bergamot, wild strawberry, and honey all against the backdrop of bright, earthy minerality from Colorado’s high-country terroir.

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Category Whisky
Region United States, Whisky
Brand Laws
Alcohol/vol 50%