Kuro Kirishima Soju
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Kuro Kirishima Soju


They’re great to kick back with as a highball, and lower alcohol means they’re a pleasure to sip neat. A whiff of fruit is your first clue that this is made from mostly sweet potato, it makes for more flavorful shochu than ones made from barley or sugar. Here, the yammy character is still soft and pretty and mellow enough to appeal to someone used to the lighter taste of a grain shochu or even vodka.

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There aren’t many places with a selection of shochu like ours. This overlooked pocket of the store can be overwhelming if you don’t know the category, so if you need a good launching point, start with this one. In a nutshell, shochu is a low-ish proof distillate with flavors that range from neutral to delicate to rich and funky.

Category Soju
Region Japan
Brand Kuro Kirishima
Alcohol/vol 24%

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Weight 750 lbs