Kelt Blenders Expedition Cask Strength Cognac 750ml
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Kelt Blenders Expedition Cask Strength Cognac 750ml


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Kelt Barrel Strength is unprecedented within the Cognac industry.nbsp; A first of its kind, giving an aperture into the aging process, some may question why.nbsp; Why change 400 years of tradition?nbsp; Our Master Blender Jeffrey Karlovitch thinks perhaps 400 years is long enough.nbsp; By releasing it from its tiresome confines, the cognac becomes its truest experience and expression of flavors, evoking the senses, while captivating and enthralling the mind.nbsp; Creating a provoking expression of a spirit and lasting memory is at the heart of a Master Blender’s job.

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Category Cognac
Region France, Cognac
Brand Kelt
Alcohol/vol 51%