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Kavalan Whiskey Fino Sherry 111.2 Proof

Kavalan Whiskey Fino Sherry 111.2 Proof


Kavalan Whiskey Fino is matured in top fino sherry butts. Fino, Spanish for ‘Fine’, is the driest and palest of all varieties of traditional sherry wine.

Dark amber color. Fruity, spicy aromas and flavors of toasty granola, sautéed apricots and figs, spiced nuts, and. Coleman’s fuel with a slightly chewy, tangy, fruity full body and a hot, layered, very long honeyed raisin toast, pepper, and hint of fuel finish. A rich, fruity and fiery single malt.

The most prized possession in the Kavalan portfolio. The Fino Cask Solist utilizes sherry butts from the most restrained and elegant style of Jerez wine and puts them on the top floor of the Taiwan distillery’s warehouse, where the heat is at its most intense.
A number of Scottish distilleries have used fino sherry butts in the past, but none were able to capture the essence of the sherry so intensely in their whiskies due to the colder aging conditions in Scotland. Taiwan, on the other hand, with its tropical climate has proved to be holy ground for this type of cask maturation. The Kavalan Fino is indeed heavenly.

The dark gold and amber color truly embody the full aromas and tastes that characterize a great whisky. Rich fudge qualities and the slightest hints of chocolate blend with the fruity character of the spirit. The fruitiness is complex. It ends with a soft finish.

The pinnacle of Kavalan Whiskey’s early production – a whisky matured in Fino sherry casks, rather than the more usual darker sherry styles. Rich with more fresh fruit than you might expect from a sherried whisky.


The nose invites you into the clean and fresh tropical fruitiness with pleasant vanilla, coconut, and spices.


The palate is a surprise with oak spice and semi-dry tropical fruit, and the hint of vanilla and coconut coming from the American oak. This well-balanced natural sweetness has a silky smoothness.


Dark chocolate, banana, and spice.

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