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Kavalan Ex-Bourbon Oak Single Malt Whisky

Kavalan Ex-Bourbon Oak Single Malt Whisky


Supposedly, these two “Oak” series are vatted from the exact same type of casks used for the named Solist series. But it stands to reason that they probably cherry-pick the best casks for the single cask offerings, and vat the rest. Still, it is a good chance to sample what the distillery character is like (in a more consistent fashion), without having shell out for the more expensive (and rare) Solist single cask versions.

Like the Kavalan Sherry Oak, this release takes the same fantastic liquid that’s been used in Solist releases (in this case, the bourbon cask matured ones) and dilutes it to a bottling strength of 46% using local spring water.

Fans of Kavalan Ex-Bourbon Oak Whisky today find themselves in a time of almost certainly unparalleled choice. From new distilleries opening across the globe at a rate of knots, to the regular new releases from established names, to an endless stream of indies. For those with the inclination and means, there remains the hazy territory of whiskies gone by, made increasingly convenient to explore through online auctions. At the same time, the past is also the future with the plans afoot to resurrect the venerable distilleries of Brora, Port Ellen and Rosebank.

Colour: Pale Golden.

Nose: Clean & fresh tropical fruitiness with pleasant vanilla, cocnut and spices. Imagine being soothed by that comfortable see breeze with the calming and refreshing effect is what this malt can do for you after a hectic office day.

Palate: Soft, well-balanced natural sweetness, vanilla and oak spices, round and complex with silky smoothness.

Finish: Exotic spices.

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Kavalan Ex-Bourbon Oak Whisky dilutes Solist ex-Bourbon with Kavalan spring water to 46% strngth. It is incredibly smooth with soft sweetness, losing the harshness and the alcohol edge and lingering over those unique flavours. It is clean and fresh tropical fruitiness with pleasant vanilla, coconut and spices.

Category Single Malt Whiskey
Region Taiwan
Brand Kavalan
Alcohol/vol 46%

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Weight 750 lbs