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Kamiki Japanese Malt Whisky

Kamiki Japanese Malt Whisky


Kamiki Japanese Malt Whisky is a unique blended malt whisky made using Japanese malts whiskies combined with specially selected malt whiskies from around the world. After blending, the whisky is finished in casks made from yoshino-sugi (often referred to as “Japanese cedar”). It’s a particularly aromatic type of wood, and Kamiki is said to be the first whisky ever to enjoy a yoshino-sugi cask finish!

Spirits are aged in oak. Whether it’s brandy, rum, bourbon or even wine, oak casks are the vessel of choice. And while that probably has more to do with the physical properties of oak than the flavours it imparts on the liquid, the fact is that the use of oak has become so ingrained that hardly anyone questions it anymore. Of course many regulations forbid the use of anything other than oak, leaving no room for alternatives. But in Japan, the rules around liquor production are not so strict. And this is where Kamiki Japanese Malt Whisky comes in.

Perfectly balanced with heather honey, sweet caramel, Japanese plum, balanced oak, peat and toffee with hints of sandalwood and green tea. Non chill-filtered at 48% alcohol to keep its natural flavors at maximum. Blended at its peak flavor, rather than a predetermined ratio. As a result, each batch is unique and limited with stocks.


Fragrant citrus blossom and baked apple, with a hint of balsa wood and dry peat.


Floral notes remain at the fore, with touches of forest floor, apricot and kumquat developing in the background.


Slightly peppery, earthy vanilla pod and a whiff of pine.

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