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Kai Original Vodka 750 Ml
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Kai Original Vodka 750 Ml


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The makers of Kai Original Vodka are dedicated to the pursuit of two goals, excellence and pleasure. With Kai Vodka, they surpass them both. Kai burst on to the crowded vodka scene in 2007. Winning accolades and awards and shattering the myth that vodka needed to be “tasteless”.

Triple distilled in small batches in Vietnam to preserve the natural sweetness of the Yellow Blossom rice, Kai Vodka is smooth and absolutely unique. Subtle and intriguing and haunting aromatic, Kai is a sensory adventure, intense enough to stand alone yet mixes extraordinarily.

Composed primarily of water and ethanol, Vodka is made by the distillation of fermented substances such as grains, potatoes, or sometimes fruits or sugar. Synonymous with Eastern Europe and the Baltics, the name comes from the Russian word ‘voda’ meaning water.

During the Middle Ages, distilled liquor was mainly medicinal and used in the production of gunpowder, but by the 14th century it was Russia’s national drink, following suit in the 16th century in Poland and Finland. Its global popularity began after the Bolsheviks confiscated private distilleries after the Russian Revolution.

Emigres pursue their craft abroad, such as one exile in Paris who revived his craft using the French version of his family name, Smirnoff. Caviar, pickles and cured meats all make great canapé bases to enjoy with Vodka and with the plethora of flavoured Vodkas and mixers available, the choice is endless.

Kai Original Vodka is an imported, premium vodka originating in Vietnam. Distilled five times from exotic yellow blossom rice, it’s Gluten Free, and embodies “Pan-Asian” chic in a field of ordinary vodkas. Kai’s rice base provides floral notes of orange blossom and vanilla with a mildly creamy finish. Have a SPIRIT-ual awakening and taste the Pleasure of Kai Vodka.


Aroma of lychee with notes of spice, rose and honey.


KAI Vodka’s character with sweet, rich, natural lychee flavor and hints of rose and orange blossom.


Sweet and refreshing.

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